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  • I have generally faced problem in drop off of user after registration and before validation of email id because of wrong email id provided. I needed a mechanism to real time analyse the email id. Hence, I have created a jquery plugin to verify email addresses. which would validate an email id be querying the email inbox. It also suggests email id in case of incorrect address and tries to figure out the email service provider type.
    Get the plugin here https://github.com/biplav/verifyemail-jquery-plugin
    See a demo here http://www.bakbak.io/verifyemail
    Read about the validation process here http://censore.blogspot.in/search/label/BakBak

  • Wow. I could totally see it being used to verify email addresses that users put for VWO.com

    How accurate is it though in verifying whether an email is correct or not? Do you have an API? One (very different) use case is to guess people's real email address based on only name and company URL. Should be very effective for outbound sales efforts.

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  • Yes, I do have an api. Please see this http://mail.bakbak.io/api/validate?email=biplav.saraf@gmail.com
    The only scenario where it cant make sure if the email id provided is incorrect if there is 'catch all' is configured on the email server. In a server where 'catch all' emails never bounces. Its always accepted by the email server and if no inbox is configured for the email id its delivered to a centralized inbox.

    Reverse thing is possible but would have to check blacklisting policies of ISP's before implementing something like this.

  • Demo link resulted in app error!

  • Mongolabs had upgraded the vedrsion of Mongo which had caused the issue. I was on a vacation so I was not able to check this. Its up and running again http://www.bakbak.io/verifyemail

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