[Show NC] Screeny - Delete screenshots easily on iOS

  • Screeny is a simple utility app to find screenshots in your Camera Roll and delete them easily. Why do I delete screenshots? Because it was taken at one point of time — to share, review or point out something and then forgotten over time. And you would be surprised by the amount of space it consumes.

    "Screeny is the screenshot-deleting iPhone app we have wanted all our lives” - The Verge

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    Though the use case is super simple but the ease of use and overall experience made Screeny a nifty utility app. There were a lot of learnings from building, marketing and launching this app which today helps us with our upcoming apps.

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  • This is awesome! Like you pointed out, the use case is exceedingly simple - and honestly, before seeing Screeny, never gave it a second thought. But now I can see how useful Screeny could really be - we all end up taking dozens of screenshots and always forget to delete them later.

    Also, you mentioned you picked up a lot from building, marketing and launching the app. Would you like to share some of that here?

    Hate to ask the obvious - but any chance of an Android version too? :P

  • Downloading it on my phone. It's interesting - I'm so used to free apps that it caught my eye to see that it costs as much as a latte in CCD (60 Rs. is not too much but I'm surprised at my behavior -- I think by now it's pretty clear that most users expect apps to be free).

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  • Just checked it. Really WELL DONE! It's neat and simple.

    How do you know that an image is a screenshot? Also have you blogged about your learnings anywhere? Would love to read and hear them. Who did the design of the app?

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  • @rudimk Android has a separate folders for screenshots right? You just need to flush it periodically, I guess.

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  • It does, and yes, in the absence of something like Screeny, you could always delete that folder. But then again, having an app just to do that for you...

  • With iOS 9, all the screenshots show up in a folder named "Screenshots". But an interaction that simplifies the task is always welcome.

  • @rudimk @paraschopra As a designer i wanted something like Screeny way back during iOS7 days. Even asked on twitter if something like this exists. At that time, it was a limitation at an OS level. Third party apps could not access the camera roll. That changed in iOS8. So did chance pe dance :)

    @paraschopra i did the ux/ui for the app and i knew space saving had a more emotional connect than the number of screenshots deleted (was using a 16gb phone then. Trust me these space savings are god sent!)

    I have written about our journey in multiple posts

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