What are some of the product review websites in India?

  • Can anyone direct me to a good link of compilation if there's one or a list where print/ digital media reviews apps and products.

    There was a presentation shared by Deepak Abbot which had a good collection but most of the are firangs.

    I guess notcrud is pegged to be one of the foremost in times to come but I would like to know the alternates...

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  • Honestly, not sure. That's one thing we wanted to bring about (thanks for the endorsement, btw!), because most publications or blogs usually end up focusing more on the entrepreneurial aspect, instead of the actual chops involved in building that product, and what it's capable of.

    I do remember seeing something in Jaipur once, about a platform that wanted to build something like Product Hunt, for Indian products, and have early adopters review them. Not sure what happened to it, or what its name was - will dig it up.

  • Not sure how updated this is, but list of everything ecommerce.


  • @IamSB Not really what I was looking for. Thanks anyway.

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  • Long back I had hacked around a website http://india.startuplogic.com/ which aggregated such websites. Is this what you were looking for?

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  • @paraschopra Close enough!

    Hey, one quick question - Shouldn't all the links mentioned in comments be made to open in another tab. I cringe when I have to right click and open-new tab for the want of it.

    To be human is to be curious, childlike, complex and immoral.


  • Links in comments do open up in a new tab altogether - but there's a user-level setting for that as well, and it seems your account's got that switched off, for some reason. Just navigate to your profile - click the profile pic on the top right corner and click on your username - and then, click the Settings tab. The first couple of switches on the Settings page include one to make sure all outgoing links are opened in a new tab.

  • http://www.earlybyte.com used to be one but they seem to be stagnant now.
    Good to see that notcrud is solving this problem. Earlier I used to search for "app" in groups like bangalore startups and using advanced search in twitter to access beta stage apps, with negligible success rate.

  • For years, i've been reading about some amazing apps on Beautiful Pixels.

    These guys in the past year or so have also started an Android & Web Apps section.

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