[Ask NC] Advice regarding payments and company registration for a Global SAAS product.

  • This is the first SAAS product we are working on. We need some advice for the same.

    • Where should we register the company ? Should we do it in US or in India ?
    • We expect most of our clients from outside India. Any good suggestions for payment service providers ?. And I assume the company registration will affect the choices of Payment service providers too.

    Any other general advice would be appreciated too.


  • If you register from India, your only options would be 2checkout or Fastspring. If you register out side of India, you have a plethora of better options - Stripe, Braintree, Authorize.net, etc. All these better options have a good rate (less commission per transaction) and flexible API. You should also look at Chargebee for integrating with these payment gateways.

    Where the company needs to be registered is tricky. Registering outside of India while you are india will make managing two entities difficult (from tax and accounting point of view) and there's also a risk of indian authorities not recognizing the validity of your parent company since most business is done in India (in that case both India and US will demand taxes and you will be in a tricky situation). Better to talk to a good CA at this stage (don't talk to your neighbourhood CA but actually seek a good one in your city)

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