What's your 3D printing experience been like?

  • Yay, 3D printing!


    I'm yet to find someone with a 3D printer to play with, although I hear there's a ton of them in Delhi. Has anyone here experimented with 3D printing? Or have you used it to build something complex?

  • Long back in 2013 I had gotten two things printed from 3dlabs.in -- I was pretty satisfied. See below:

    3D printed

    On serious side - I've seen someone print prosthetics arm.

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  • That looks pretty good. Definitely serious tech, especially if prosthetic limbs are now being 3D-printed. I heard somewhere that someone's trying to 3D-print organs.

  • I have used a 3D printer very productively for an industrial prototyping project. What used to take 2 weeks, became possible to achieve overnight.

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