How do I transition from Jquery + Bootstrap to AngularJS?

  • I have developed most of my app in Jquery and Bootstratp. But now as I completing the product, I don't find jquery scalable enough to build all the features. I want to move to angularJS to set to proper foundation for development and speed up things. Are Jquery and AngularJS compatible. What are the do and don'ts. I have not learnt AnuglarJS yet.

  • AngularJS has a very high learning curve when compared to Jquery. I would suggest that you stick to jquery if the scalability issues you are facing is somewhat manageable.
    I would suggest that you go through AngularJS tutorials at It would give you an idea of how it fits in the application development landscape.

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I started with couple of hours back with codeacademy.

    Do you think jquery and angular can go hand in hand. I mean can I choose to implement the simple stuff(menus, navigation etc.) with jquery and the complex stuff(core of the app) with Angular?

  • Although, it is technically possible, I would strongly advice against it. You can wrap jquery code into directives(you will learn about them in angular) and use it inside your application. However, IMO, this process should only be used for adding JavaScript libraries and such in your project.
    People take at least 3 months to get familiar with AngularJS. If your project can handle that kind of delay, only then I would say, you use it.

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