[Show NC] hotify - latest, relevant, timely, recommended News & Content

  • Friends,

    Just launched the app - hotify (only on android)

    Link to App

    Endeavour is to enable powerful content / news discovery led by tech and product innovation.

    What you see is just the beginning.

    This is where feedback really matters.

    Hence, please feel free to tear apart the APP with all RED feedback, that helps us make it better.

    Be conservative in appreciating, thats keeps us grounded.

    Ankur DineshScreenshot_2015-08-27-16-07-45.png

  • Nice, gonna play with this now. Interestingly, I'm now seeing a lot of apps that try and make news discovery easier. I wonder if there's some sort of cultural push behind this?

    Also, would you be interested in an app teardown, something not unlike this?

  • Yes,

    tear us apart :)

    we shall be releasing a new version towards end of this month, it would be great to take same up to a brutal tear down..

    from the ashes shall emerge.. :)

  • +1 for the phoenix metaphor :D

  • Get ready to suffer my opinion flush!

    Interestingly I uninstalled this app a few minutes ago. I guess I downloaded hotify one and half months ago when I found you guys on AnglelList.

    I already have dailyhunt (yes ,the cluttered coming of age newshunt) but I can cope with it. Unless someone makes content discovery 10X better ,I don't want another app. At least not an app which curates from mainstream blogs and media sources. Maybe I am missing out a lot,but the good thing is that I have no time to think am missing out. For niche sites like goal.com and hyperlocal news,it's a bit different. I love the names which popup in hyperlocal news . It's so cool to know about people in my locality whom I might never come to know otherwise !

    On a different note, I like curated newsletters . I love those weekly mails that Pocket sends me cause it's just 5 articles based on my consumption history and there is no paradox of choice.

    Nothing against you guys ! Maybe I didn't spend much time around hotify to understand or I am not the ideal user you want :)