Getting started

  • Welcome to notCRUD! Please check out the steps below so that we can make sure your experience talking products on notCRUD is as smooth as possible.

    1. Do head over to to your profile and update it with details like your bio and so on, which can be accessed by clicking on your profile pic on the top right corner, and selecting your username. Also, notCRUD can send you automated daily digests as well as notifications whenever you're mentioned on a thread, or when someone replies to a thread you've posted. To ensure that you're always in the know, you can change these notification settings in the Settings section, in your profile.

    2. Please keep our community guidelines in mind while contributing. The primary rule we follow, is that anything you post should either pertain to the product landscape in India - or it should be authored/created by an Indian. We'd also like constructive posts, instead of posts that just state a viewpoint with nothing to back it up. The idea is to showcase the best of what we have, here in India, and to that end, all submissions will be moderated.

    3. In the same vein, we urge you to avoid igniting flame wars. Further, posts of a discriminatory, sexist or racist nature shall not be tolerated, and will result in you being banned. Let's keep it all civil :)

    4. Do follow us on Twitter and engage with us there! And, for any questions, queries, comments and suggestions, please feel free to ping us at command[at]notcrud[dot]com.

    That's just about it. May we churn out great products!

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