[Show NC] Todoed.co - Turn any selected text, into a delegated todo, with just one right click.

  • Hey NC crowd,

    Todoed is a new kind of a seamless todo listing tool, assisting the user on any text spotted anywhere on the web browser and (soon), any device, as if that text is a delegate-able todo item first. Our founder Nishchal Kesarwani keeps moving between the Himalayas and Delhi, NCR, while other team members at Todoed contribute from various cities in India, such as Bangalore, Lucknow, and Calcutta. We are looking forward to engage with the NC community and pick their brains about our product.

    We are on a mission to making todo listing, delegating and organising be seamless on your mobile and desktop. Seamless to your browsing, thinking and chatting habits. In short, we would like to leave the world more productive before we leave it. That is why we are building this product.

    I am Raj the coordinator of the team and moderator of this account.

    Much love! :bowtie:

  • This looks neat! Would you like to tell us more about how the idea of making delegate-able todo items from any form of text, came into being?

  • Hey Rudimk,

    Thanks for your views. Todoed is a product made in Preseed Web Lab. To answer your question to the point, I would like to share how Economic Times summed it up for us recently.

    "Preseed as an organization is set up in a very liberal, remote work culture environment of distributed people who discuss business in chats. So, we want to make chatting more actionable and accountable, to say the least. People should not have to switch to another app to list the tasks they want to do, or keep a track of. That is where Todoed comes in. People should be able to mark chats or any web discovery into a todo seamlessly" he adds.

    If you want to continue reading the article here is the link. I would also like to share the first blog post that we ever wrote about Todoed, the one that laid the foundation of the build and help find most of our early team!


  • Yes, I just found the link on HN. This is awesome! If I may ask, what's your tech stack like?

  • Tech stack is summed up on this post. If you are truly inspired by what we are doing and would like to share this post in your network, we will be really empowered Rudimk! Thanks for your engagement. Much love,

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  • @khitchdee thanks for your suggestion, I agree with you absolutely. What you see today of Todoed is an iota of the vision we have in mind and the work that we are doing currently. I am excited to say we are working on exactly the point you mentioned. We will be rolling out with some new features soon (next few weeks) - one of them being a calendar/ reminder feature that will be in sync with the calendar app you use. Let me know if any other wildly useful features come to mind! We are all ears :) :+1: challenge us!

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  • @rudimk what are you views on our tech stack?

  • @todoed said:

    what are you views on our tech stack?

    Sorry, I was traveling and I managed to miss this. A mix of Django and Node.js looks quote interesting! Could you tell us more about how they work in tandem with one another?

  • @rudimk

    I have been trying to post this message since yesterday after being patient with the reply button on NC.

    In response to your question above,

    Django is used to handle HTTP requests, save data into DB (performing CRUD operations), signin with google oauth etc. Nodejs is used for sending realtime updates (or handling web sockets).

    Our webserer, Nginx, is used to configure URLs (reverse proxy for node, unix socket file for django via gunicorn server) for these two different services.

    Let us know your views about this! We would definitely like to learn further and discuss how our tech stack is.

  • This sounds like a very stable and scalable model. It's like playing to both Django and Node's strengths, and it sounds like scaling this up will require zero or minimal effort :D

    Whatever went wrong with the reply button, btw?

  • Solid views @rudimk thanks! You should checkout Ansal Ansari on the team page in our signature - he is our superman on codes :) Looking forward to tell you more about the rest of the team and product soon.

    The reply button was working fine today but it was buggy yesterday. Upon click it wasnt showing the text boxes as it does normally. Anyway its not acting up anymore. I'll keep an eye on it and let you know separately.

  • Sounds like a plan! Must catch up real soon, and I'll set that up over email right away.

    Something was up yesterday, yeah. Combing through the logs to figure out what the deal is.