Anyone here interested in Quantified Self movement?

  • Insights can be drawn only from data and today, most of our data is split between many apps/services which don't talk to each other. Even though apps like Balanced or Optimized exist, I find them too limiting.

    Is there anyone here who's working on things like these?

  • I think a bigger question one should address first - what kind of insights are we trying to track, and are we actually going to change something in our daily routine, through those insights?

    IMHO, there's definitely a lot such a product can do here. Like an app that helps you track goals no matter how arbitrary they might be, and where there's better engagement on the product's end, to actually help you achieve those goals.

  • I think this has been tried so many times, but somehow it has never caught up. For me, the most important data points that I look at daily is number of steps and hours I sleep. However, I think it would be awesome to know things like: a) what hours of the day am I most focused b ) what sort of meetings does my subconscious find boring; c) what am I eating/drinking; d) where does my money get spent.

    Curious to hear from others - what else do you like to be tracked?

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  • I made a list of things I’d like to track last year, while using an iOS app called Reporter. Note that most of these can’t be automatically tracked, but they are pretty useful if you can keep up the discipling of logging them (I lasted about 45 days).

    They are as follows in CSV format, as exported from Reporter. The second field is ‘wake’ (logged after waking up), ‘sleep’ (logged just before sleeping) or ‘day’ (logged any time in the day, randomly or by choice). The third field is multiple-choice, numerical, a note, or ‘tokens’ (tags).

    Question, Time, Response type

    How did you sleep?, Wake, Great|OK|Poorly|Not at all
    How many cups of tea did you have today?, Sleep, Number
    How many cups of coffee did you have today?, Sleep, Number
    How stressed are you right now?, Day, Relaxed|A little|Very|Nervous wreck
    How productive were you today?, Sleep, Not at all|A little|Moderately so|A lot
    How many times did you call home today?, Sleep, Zero|One|Two|Three or More
    What was the highlight of your day?, Sleep, Note
    Any regrets for today?, Sleep, Note
    How do you feel?, Day, Tokens
    Most inspiring moment or thing today?, Sleep, Note
    What is your weight?, Wake, Number
    What books did you read today?, Sleep, Tokens
    Was today's reading technical?, Sleep, Very much so|Not really; more pop sci|Not at all|No reading today
    How much TV or movies did you watch today?, Sleep, None|Less than one hour|One to two hours|More than two hours
    What did you buy today besides groceries?, Sleep, Tokens
    What are you happy or grateful about today?, Sleep, Note
    How was your carbohydrate consumption today?, Sleep, None|Low|Medium|High
    How much did you procrastinate today?, Sleep, Not at all|Just a little|So-so|A lot|Nothing but procrastination today
    How were your dreams last night?, Wake, Don't remember|Bad|Good|Neutral
    Is this a randomly sampled report?, Day, Yes/No
    What is your one big goal for today?, Wake, Note
    Did you accomplish your one big goal for today?, Sleep, Yes/No
    How much timeboxing did you do today?, Sleep, None|A little|About half of today's tasks|Almost all tasks|All tasks absolutely
    Did you listen to music today?, Sleep, Yes/No
    Did you listen to podcasts or radio today?, Sleep, Yes/No
    Did you go out for a movie today?, Sleep, Yes/No
    Did you read any fiction today?, Sleep, Yes/No
    What hobbies did you engage in today?, Sleep, Tokens
    How much did you nap today?, Sleep, Not at all|A little|Significantly
    Was today a significant day?, Sleep, Yes/No
    Are you looking forward to today?, Wake, Yes/No
    How is your mood on a scale of 1-5?, Wake|Day|Sleep, 1|2|3|4|5
    Is there anything to look forward to in the near future?, Sleep, Yes/No
    How energised do you feel?, Wake|Day|Sleep, Low|Medium|High
    Did you meditate today?, Sleep, Yes/No
    Did you do any cleaning today?, Sleep, Yes/No
    Did you shave today?, Sleep, Yes/No
    What movies did you watch today?, Sleep, Tokens
    How much did you read today?, Sleep, Not at all|Less than 30 minutes|30 minutes to 2 hours|2 to 4 hours|More than 4 hours
    Are you doing useful work right now?, Day, Yes/No
    What are you doing right now?, Day, Tokens
    What did you learn today?, Sleep, Note
    Did you go out at all today?, Sleep, Yes/No

  • Has anybody seen or recollect is one nice example of things tracked with nice visualizations.

  • I am. I have been collecting data everyday. Its bit irregular. I am trying to automate it as much as possible.

    My interest is also in how this data can be used in research. Couple of years back I Open Sourced(?) both my and my mothers DNA (23andme) profiles. Specially because my mother has Diabetes and Parkinson's.

    As of now I am looking for a band. Which my mother can wear and it just gives me intensity of vibrations. Offline or Online is fine.

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  • Open sourcing one's genome is quite a bold move. I like your post here:

    Though I can see your rationale. Maybe someone might use the data you've provided to make some headway into diseases. But - are you afraid that in future this might get used against you or your future generations? Things are good as long as you have benevolent government but history proves that dictators can be pretty gruesome.

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  • @paraschopra That reminds me of a short film I saw once, that subtly referred to the idea of governments using DNA stamps to track people.

  • @paraschopra Actually I did think about it. More about the future generation than about myself. I don't see that happening in next 40 years.

    I think human race is pro-freedom. They can't be bound to anything either now or in future. I believe in their ability to fight for freedom and keep it.

    Also It was a practical move. Lets say if someone wants my DNA sample, it wont be that difficult as long as they have some way to get in touch with me physically. I may not even know!

    @rudimk thanks for the link. Interesting short movie.

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