[SHOW NC] Cloudrino - Free cloud server for life

  • Cloudrino.net is a cloud based IaaS solution which enables you to setup and manage servers with a few clicks.

    Currently we're in beta testing and registrations are by invite only.

    We have nodes in India and USA and would soon be opening to more locations.

    Currently we support popular Linux OS.

    We want to make cloud accessible to everyone. Apart from offering economical plans, we have a free for life plan.


    Hope to see you guys on board soon!

    For updates you can follow us on social networks:

  • Interesting. How do you plan to prevent abuse? Both in terms of I signing up for 1000 free accounts and using a free account to start email spamming.

    Plus, why give free servers in the first place? Can't users pay $5 for a valid service.

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  • Abuses can be difficult to handle. We have quite a few systems in place.

    For users signing up for free 1000 accounts:

    1. Initial user verification - mobile.
    2. If same IP keeps repeating then verification by social networks and ID.

    For Mail abuses and DDOS attacks:

    1. We have a platform which automatically suspends the server in case of spamming or DOS/DDOS attacks.

    Why give a free server?
    We want to make cloud accessible to everyone. Developers, Students, Teachers, Wannapreneurs, Startups. We can earn when they grow :)

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