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  • Something a friend of mine has gone ahead and built. Chestream is a social network around video streaming. A bit like Meerkat or Periscope, but the stream is linear - only one person streams at a given time, and who gets to stream is decided by the number of upvotes they’ve got on their stream description and teaser prior to them going live.

    And, I like the UI.

    PS - @gouravd - do check them out.

  • Hey @rudimk , thanks for the hunt. 😄

    So we launched the first version of the app along this theme of a public TV, coulple of months ago. But after evaluating the initial user feedback and their behaviour, we decided to pivot to something even more interesting (and released the new app very recently)

    So what we learned was that people aren't interested in uploading content, as much they are in consuming it. That was very evident from the user usage analytcs.

    So we said, okay let's first make a state of the art video consumption platform, we'll curate interesting videos into channels, and you can watch these passively, or engage actively by having discussions around it.

    We also learned another important thing from the first launch, that community building is the most important thing in the initial phase of any startup. So in the new pivot, we are going to open channels for colleges,(our target demographic) which will contain all the interesting stuff that's been happening in that college.

    Effectively we will expand to find a place for UGC, but for now we're going to do the curation and video seeding inhouse.

    You can check out the new version of the app, it's live on play store http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chestream

    Would love to hear the !Crud's feedback and review on the app. :-)

  • Thanks for the headsup @rudimk . Congrats @sauravtom for the product. We surely got competition :) .

    I do not review/comment on competition in public as it will be treated differently by the community. But I would like to say that I have Chestream installed for sometime now, though I am not their target customer.

    @sauravtom I wish you all the best in your endeavour and hope you achieve great success through Chestream.

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