StartupYar - Directory of tools required to build/run a startup

  • is a directory of hand picked tools required to build/run a startup.

    When someone wants to startup, s/he may require different things to start an online business e.g. Domain,Hosting, Presentation s/w, Analytics, Early users, Investors and so on. We help them by showing only best tools instead of surfing through hundreds of them.

    We just rolled out an MVP right now but have good roadmap ahead. We are getting feedback from our early users and plan to add features based on same.

    Looking forward to your feedback at

    P.S. If any company/startup wants to list their product or is interested in any sort of partnership, just drop a high five to discuss how we can work together.

    Website :

  • I really, really like the breadth you've covered, in featuring tools. There's actually a lot going on there, and I'd be very hard-pressed not to find a tool I need for a particular situation. Awesome stuff!

  • @rudimk Glad you like us.
    We will soon be adding few more features which will help the users to choose the product efficiently.

    Please help us spreading a word about StartupYar so that maximum users should get benefited.
    We are also on twitter @startupyar

  • Heads up!
    Your website is vulnerable to SQL Injection:'

  • @koonk how did you check ?

  • @koonk thanks for pointing out.
    We're working on it.

  • I just noticed that you guys are up on Product Hunt. Awesome job!

  • Thanks @rudimk. We got really good response there too.

  • @koonk I have made couple of changes in the code. Can we talk about this in detail over hangout?

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