Why talking about design tools is dangerous.

  • So I came across this interesting post on Medium today: https://medium.com/ux-for-india/why-the-discussion-around-design-tools-is-dangerous-1c619d6d9ad0

    And..it set me thinking. Some of the thoughts raised are quite valid - how tools don't make the designer. It's the same with tech - a great programming language doesn't make a good coder, and so on. But then, that's pretty subjective; for instance, I feel more at home with languages like Python, Julia and Javascript, because of my mathematical interests. In the same way, someone might feel more at home with a language like Go or Rust, if they come from a systems programming perspective. Consequently, my skills are being determined, to some extent, by the languages I employ. So, isn't that true for design? Wouldn't there be different tools that work for different designers, depending on what sort of background they come from? Or am I just pulling at straws?

  • This post is deleted!



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