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  • http://www.flatgradings.com/

    Have you ever wondered the if you can get a sneak peak into the lives of people who have lived in a particular apartment before renting or buying an apartment?
    Wanted to know the experiences of others living in the society?

    This is the kind of problem which flatgradings.com is currently trying to solve.
    We collect reviews from the owners/renters about the apartment. In turn these reviews help others in making an informed decisions about whether to buy/rent the apartment. We collect review based on few critical parameters which in turn are the building blocks of any decision making process when it is about buying/renting an apartment respectively.

    The platform was launched in April and we have been getting good traction. Our daily traffic is in the lines of 11904748_696446070460164_556845385150696877_n.jpg

    Built on PHP as a monolithic app, in couple of months only we have integrated 3 more services on nodejs. We are currenlty a mix of SOA and monolithic.

    We are working with listing websites and proving them with review widgets. http://www.flatgradings.com/ReviewsAPI
    Would love to hear feedback, criticism and bugs.

  • This is actually quite useful. I'm going out there, renting a flat in a complex where maintenance is terrible - and this is where Flatgradings could be of immense help, telling me what the deal on the ground really is. Awesome stuff!

    On another note, are you planning to run this as a mixture of PHP and Node services?

  • @rudimk : For the time being we would continue to have our base platform in PHP and write new services in nodejs and based on the scale requirement we would decide in the future.

  • We have our widgets working for one of the listing sites here http://cozee.in/listing/3-bhk-for-rent-in-whitefield/5119

  • So, if I'm not reading this wrong, this is like maintaining a Disqus thread for flat listings, where every flat listing is treated as an object by your platform, with comments attached to it. And those listings can then be put up anywhere as a widget. Epic.

  • @rudimk : Thats a good analogy, yes kind of that. We try to use tripadvisor as an example to help people understand this though.

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