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  • www.cinequest.in

    Cinequest aims to be the Quora for movies. It all started when the maker of the site asked me a question about an upcoming movie, I told him to check online and he could find the answer. Voila...we decided to build something like Quora but only for movies where the community can ask and answer questions specifically to movies.

    The Site is not perfect yet, I would appreciate the community to provide their valuable feeback, insights and ideas. Thanks for the visiting

  • Interesting. Is the codebase open? What technologies did you develop it on?

    What traction are you seeing it yet? As for feedback, I found the website to a little slow and I think auto-posting snippets of movies being discussed in respective threads will be awesome.

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  • Thanks for checking out paras. The codebase is not open it and we are open if the community is interested

    we have only shared with our friends, so not really having great traction. Yes, we found the website to be little slow and we'll work on it. I think auto-posting snippets is really a cool idea, you shall have it soon. Thanks man cheers

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