[Meta] Tracking feature requests for notCRUD

  • Hello!

    First off, thanks ever so much for signing up!

    Now, we've seen a lot of posts talking about features that should be added to the platform. To make this a more open conversation, we'd like to track these requests in a more open manner. And there are two ways to go about it:

    1. Set up a public Trello board where anyone can add new feature requests, comment on existing ones. The disadvantage? You would need a Trello account. Which is actually not such a bad thing.

    2. Add feature requests as issues on our public Github repo. Disadvantage? Again, you need a Github account, which always may not make sense.

    Like I mentioned before, we've got a tidy bunch of these, and I'd love to set this up in the next couple of days so that I get cracking on it, and we all have a better experience. So, what's it going to be? :D

  • @rudimk Github. Discussions on github issues are lot better.

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