[SHOW NC] Brevity - Summarised Actionable Insights from non-fiction articles, books, courses, videos and more.

  • Brevity sends you summarized insights from non-fiction articles, videos and books (tech, entrepreneurship, marketing, creativity, psychology and more) from the best publications and thought leaders. Save time and be more productive. Learn just the useful stuff.

    Try it out - http://brevity.ga/

  • Great!! Haven't tried it but I get the idea.

    If you could add the ability to allow me to post any text, link etc and get back Summarized Actionable insights, then I would say its the best product ever !!

  • @gouravd Thanks, will definitely look into it. Don't forget to sign up. :)

  • It is a good concept.Please provide a summary of how are you going to execute on it. Cheers.

  • @p_chhonker We will be using a mix of in-house summarization tech along with a human touch.

  • Which apps, sites, podcasts, etc. are you using for fetching content?

  • @hukdere Great question, we are taking content from sources you read daily ranging from Techcrunch to Wired, Aeon Mag, the list is definitely endless. We are probably one of the biggest podcast fans in India and known about them for years, we follow some of the best podcasts out there. Ted videos, skillshare, again, the list is endless. We use Feedly and News360 mostly to find great content.

  • @aditya1 Sounds amazing

  • Do you formally tie up with content creators before summarizing their content?

  • I don't think formal tieups are neccessary for this?

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  • This is a grey area around copyrights. Jaya Jha's SummaryTown.com is a similar service. Blinkist is of course the famous one.

  • @abhaga Not yet.

  • @paraschopra Yes , for summaries, no such tie up is necessary.

  • @nileshtr Getabstract does the same. But they are all in books. We do articles, books, courses, podcasts and videos too. Blinkist is best out of all the currently available solution present in the book summarization space.

  • @paraschopra @aditya1 You might be unpleasantly surprised. Anyway this is what Blinkist says:

  • @abhaga Hey thanks for the information. We have seen this before and try to avoid taking quotes as much as possible. And since our focus is on articles, videos, podcasts, courses etc. also, we won't be short of content.