The Indian Startup Show

  • Hi guys , big fan of the site. I have started a new podcast show called the The Indian Startup Show .A Weekly Podcast Show About Indian Startups Entrepreneurs & More !!

    Joining me today is Stewart Noakes, Co-founder of TechHubs in Bangalore & Boston. TechHub creates spaces around the world for tech entrepreneurs to meet, work, learn and collaborate, and runs a load of great events, advice sessions and more.

    Stewart is a successful entrepreneur and wanted to start a give back project to the people of Bangalore. So Stewart brought TechHub to India. At the time it was the first step for them outside of Europe.

    Launched in June 2014 with an empty room, no chairs with the words IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN! painted on the walls. . They have grown to over 400 members+ and is now one of the top co-working spaces in India.

    Also, would love some feedback on the show been going for a month.

    Thanks in advance

    ITUNES =


    If you want to come on the show and talk about your cool product , please let me know , Cheers!

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