AI / Machine Learning in India


    I am currently using their product via ICICI direct securities. One of the best in financial Analytics.

  • is doing cutting edge work in Natural language understanding. Please add us to your list.
    It is a new stack written from ground up for accuracy and is not based on stanfordNLP, lucene or other such frameworks.
    On a different note: where do we inject/add for more visibility?
    Inputs are appreciated.

  • It might be interesting to discuss
    some aspect of the design of your product
    at this forum.
    As I see it, that is primary purpose of this forum.
    Not so much as a platform to evangelize new products
    which is what you are seeking,
    but to discuss their design
    specially as it relates to India



  • @Rohit-Agarwal - Point taken. What I wanted was to ask fellow entrepreneurs some from-the-trenches tips on how/where I could "evangelize".
    But it's okay if that discussion is off-topic.

  • Actually, codyguy, if you look at the posting history,
    a lot of the posts here are evangelical,
    so you're definitely not off-topic.
    I was suggesting you share some design insights
    in areas that are not trade secret, in addition.
    I think we're trying to knead this forum in that direction,
    though the admins need to chirp in and corroborate.



  • Sure, I second @Rohit-Agarwal on that one. Dead sure such design insights would be massively helpful.

  • I think if we could couch those insights
    into an outcome that is not specific to the specifics of the product,
    but more related to the process of design itself,
    then the outcome would be helpful
    for a broader swathe of product designers.



  • @Rohit-Agarwal : Yes I would be very happy to share some insights. Probably good for a blog post. I'll keep that on my todo list !

  • Some notes:

    1. Companies in adtech, e-commerce like Flipkart, Inmobi (perhaps their fraud detection unit), Amazon, Near (formerly adNear) have developed capabilities.
    2. There's AI/ML work happening in computer vision happening at places like Grey Orange (disclaimer, I was formerly an employee there), Tonbo Imaging.
    3. R&D within large conglomerates have lots of AI/ML like IBM Watson, Target, TCS Innovation Labs, 24/7, MSFT Research (Cognitive Linguistics etc), Xerox R&D
    4. Startups like Gramaneer, SocialCops, Crayon Data are also working within AI/ML realm (though I am not aware, how deep they go into it).

    University groups focusing on this in India from what I know are at IISc and IIIT Hyderabad and IIT B (post graduate).

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